About Database:-

IABSE Database of articles on Structures Worldwide,  part of IABSE e-Learning & e-Resources Project.


Currently includes information about articles from IABSE SEI Journals on Structures Worldwide (from 1991 to 2005).  Also, includes information about articles from IABSE  Lecture Series on Internet”.   Information for every article include: Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords, and Photos.


The screen is divided into 4 quarters.   Input search parameters in the "Top_Left".     Search output in the other quarters. List of papers/articles in the "Top_Right". Abstract and Keywords in the  "Bottom-Left".     Photos in the "Bottom-Right".    For IABSE members, all photos should be available, for non-members only one photo should be available.


IABSE members can access the articles through IABSE Members area. http://www.iabse.org/membersarea/index.php .  Non-members can purchase the papers you could got the following Website: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/iabse/sei

Two search methods are provided. Search Method (2) is still under preparation and review.

It is acknowledged that IABSE Foundation provided funding for Scanning all IABSE Publications before 2002.  This is the source for the photos of the articles in the Database.

Should be added:  articles from IABSE Periodica (Recent Structures), and articles on description of structures from IABSE Symposium proceedings.       Last update: 31 March 2009