IABSE e-Learning Project (Preliminary - Experimental Phase)

Current activities include: (1) Lectures, (2) Animations, (3) Videos, (4) Previous items on YouTube, Handheld Sets, Mobiles, (7)Glossary/Translator (Multi-Language Technical Glossary for Structural Engineering), (8) Database on Structures Worldwide (from Articles in SEI Journal), (10) Links to useful web-resources. Other Activities are under consideration and preparation by IABSE e-Learning Board. This project is supported by IABSE Foundation.(Main updates: Dec. 2006, April 2007, May 2008, 19 Aug. 2008, March 2009, April 2010, May 2011, September 2011).

The main objective of the e-Learning project is to Provide an additional forum at IABSE for exchange of information and knowledge in Structural engineering. This forum should be available to a much wider group than members of the IABSE using the most recent available technologies, and also it could help IABSE in reaching a wider audience and in fulfilling its missions and objectives. .

The IABSE Lecture Series on Internet include: Lectures, Short courses, Videos and Animations about the construction of structures. For each presentation, there are four possibilities: View online, Download, Print Handouts (copies of the slides), Print References (articles from IABSE publications, relevant to the topic of the presentation).

The site is still in its preliminary-experimental phase. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. You are most welcome to provide your contributions, which will be considered for uploading on this website by the IABSE e-Learning Board. [e-mail: elearning@iabse.org ; iabse@iabse.org ]