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28The Structural Design of the Worlds Tallest Structure:The Burj Dubai TowerView Lecture DetailsBaker, W. F.Tall BuildingWind engineering2008
17Woodrow Wilson Bridge Bascule SpanView Lecture DetailsBluni, S.BridgeMovable Bascule2007
5Increasing the Load Capacity of Major BridgesView Lecture DetailsBuckland, P. G.Bridge Suspension & Cable-Stayed BridgeIncreasing the Load Capacity2007
6Lions' Gate Bridge and Advances in Suspension Bridge EngineeringView Lecture DetailsBuckland, P. G.Bridge Suspension & Cable stayed brideUpgrading2007
36The Bridge Evolution in the Future: Values of Bridges in the Formation of CitiesView Lecture DetailsChang, S. P.BridgeEvolution in the Future2009
37The Rion-Antirion Bridge - When a Dream becomes RealityView Lecture DetailsCombault, J.BridgeCable-Stayed2009
32New Trends and New Models for Analyzing Dynamic InteractionsView Lecture DetailsCremona, C.VibrationsDynamics2008
23Cable Vibrations in Cable-Stayed Bridges, part (1): Assessment, part (2): MitigationView Lecture DetailsDe Sá Caetano, E. BridgeCable-Vibrations2008
26Use of Building Information Models: a contractor's point of viewView Lecture DetailsDumoulin, C.BIMSoftware2008
24Use of Integrated Shop Drawings for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge View Lecture DetailsDuxbury, J. P.Design IssuesIntegrated Shop Drawings2008
35China s Major BridgesView Lecture DetailsFeng, MBridgeChina2009
12Adding confidence and reducing risk - the role of independent design checking in major projectsView Lecture DetailsFirth, I.Design Check & CertificationRisk Reduction2007
14Incheon Bridge Project -The role of the Contractor's Checking EngineerView Lecture DetailsFlett, I.BridgeIndependent design check & Certification2007
3Structural Design Codes: The Bridge Between Research and PracticeView Lecture DetailsGalambos, T.Codes & StandardsPerformance based design2006
8Great demand and great challenge - Chinese major bridge projects under construction for improving traffic infrastructure nationwideView Lecture DetailsGE, Y.BridgeChina2007
38From Bridges across Great Belt and Oresund towards a Femern Belt BridgeView Lecture DetailsGimising, N. J.BridgeCable-Supported2009
22Structures for Stadium projectsView Lecture DetailsGoppert, K.StadiumRetractable Folding Fabric2008
7Disaster Risk Reduction and the Structural EngineerView Lecture DetailsGrundy, PDisaster ReductionRisk Assessment2010
33Engineering for Climate Change - The Adaptation Challenge and the Role of the EngineersView Lecture DetailsHead, P.Sustainability2008
19Failure Analysis as a Base for Developing Quality Control SystemsView Lecture DetailsHertle, R.Failure ResearchDesign & Execution Checks2007
10Life cycle management of infrastructures:towards an integrated approach of design, execution and maintenance.View Lecture DetailsHorst, A.Life Cycle ManagementIntegrated Approach2007
4Wind-Induced Vibrations of Structures and Their ControlView Lecture DetailsIto, M.BridgeWind & Vibrations of Structures2009
25Parametric Description of Bridge StructuresView Lecture DetailsKatz, C.BridgeSoftware2008
40Recent Major Bridges in KoreaView Lecture DetailsKoh, H. M. 2009
13Retrofitting of fatigue damaged steel bridgeView Lecture DetailsMiki, C. & Konishi, T.BridgeFatigue, Retrofit, Repair2007
18A New Concept for a Vertical Lift Bridge in Rouen - FranceView Lecture DetailsMoussard, M.BridgeMovable lift bridge2007
34Major Bridge Projects A Multi-disciplinary Approach - The FutureView Lecture DetailsOstenfeld, K. H. BridgeMulti-disciplinary approach2009
27Bridge and infrastructure management systems: an Italian experienceView Lecture DetailsPardi, L.BridgeMangement System2008
21Electricity from the SunView Lecture DetailsSchlaich, J. & Bergermann, R.EnergyRenewable2008
2Challenges in Education - Conceptual and Structural DesignView Lecture DetailsSchlaich, M.EducationConceptual Design2006
1Structural and Construction Safety (Short Course: 5 parts)View Lecture DetailsSchneider, J.SafetyRisk2006
11Design for movements in bridgesView Lecture DetailsSorensen, O. et al BridgeExpansion joint & Moments2007
31Personal Involvement in early US Cable-Stayed Bridges View Lecture DetailsSvensson, H.BridgeCable Stayed2008
15The Development of Cable-Stayed Bridges since John RoblingView Lecture DetailsSvensson, H.BridgeConcepts, Long Span2007
9Evolution of BridgesView Lecture DetailsTang, M. C.BridgeConcepts2007
39The Twin River Bridges Chongqing, ChinaView Lecture DetailsTang, M. C.BridgeLong Span2009
20About the Network ArchView Lecture DetailsTveit, P.BridgeNetwork Arch2008
16Incrementally Launched Bridges along the A 71/73 Special FeaturesView Lecture DetailsWoelfel, R.BridgeIncrementally Launched2007
29Past, Present and Future: Trends, Drivers and Challenges in Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat View Lecture DetailsWood, A.Tall Building2008
30Appropriate Seismic Regulations for Urban StructuresView Lecture DetailsWyllie, L. A.SeismicCodes & Regulation2008